Monday, 1 December 2008

Digital Storyboard

This is our digital storyboard. It was recorded and edited to looks somewhat like out actual film opening will be like. W used voiceovers and they were recorded on the mac computers we were working on. W e used Jeavean Miller as the narrative voiceover and Marcell Croll-Meddar to say "It's done" and he was also saying the frantic police call. 
This was the first time they had gone through the complete script and this is going to be as it is said in the film with the exception of "oh my God" which will be replaced by "oh my gosh" due to religious complaints and people feeling uncomfortable hearing and saying it.
The soundtrack was created on garageband and was recorded under the voices. The soundtrack originally was shorter than the digital storyboard so it was edited with crossover fade transitions to sound like one sound.
The voices were also cut and placed in their correct places. It was recorded multiple times however our narrator Javon was unable to continue recording as he hadn't been given notice so his pre-recorded voice was edited to sound as though he was saying it as the appropriate frames came up.

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