Tuesday, 2 December 2008


The picture frame will be used as the prop that is thrown by our abnormally normal antagonist as he is trashing the house. A picture of the couple will be placed in the frame and a crack will appear over the female characters face after it is thrown. 

This is a picture of our couple, Alana and Marcel at the peak of their relationship. Both characters are happy together in this picture. This will be the picture that is placed in the frame and the crack will be over the female characters face. Their picture will be broken connoting a broken relationship. 

This is the fake blood that will be used as make-up for the female character after she is abused by her boyfriend. She will be on the floor alongside the bed looking lifeless. If fake scars are used the blood will be used over it for realism and to connote a fresh injury. Otherwise the blood will randomly be placed on her to show the fresh injury.
The making of the blood is shown below.

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