Saturday, 29 November 2008

Making fake BLOOD!!

454g of Golden Syrup
red/ blue/ yellow food colouring
little bit of hot water
The original ingredient it ment to be corn syrup but all the market we went they dot have this syrup, so we decide to used golden syrup.
First we put the syrup in to a bow then mix little bit of hot water, after that we add one table spoon of red food colouring and then add one droup of blue colouring, we did not used yellow food colouring because the natural colour of the syrup is yellow already, therefore, we did not use it.
And thats how you make fake BLOOD!!!
Here are some clip when we making it.

a photo of both characters

Picture of Marcle and Alana. this photo is props that we need for our thriller.
we try to get the moment of happiness between the both characters to show they in a relationship.

Thursday, 27 November 2008


We had various different title ideas. The plot would only change according to the title if stated in the treatment. These were our title ideas:

Unofficially Official
Split [A D D I C T I O N]
One More Kiss

We eventually agreed to title our film One More Kiss.
The opening of this film was inspired by various different films such as Donnie Darko and The Stranger.

Our plot is about a couple who are having relationship problems. The husband wants a divorce because he is having an affair and would rather have a serious relationship with the other woman. The wife refuses to sign the papers. During a heated argument one night the husband kills her. He calls the woman he is having an affair with to tell her “it’s done”. He then trashes the house, calls the police and claims their house has been broken into.

The wife wakes up in the last frame allowing the spectator to know she is still alive. The voiceover will say “But she wont rest until she gets...” before the frame appears and “One More Kiss” after the frame.
The off screen story would have then gone on to show that his wife was obsessed with him and dedicated her life to getting “One More Kiss” from her husband even if she has to kill or kidnap a few people to do it. This would explain why she wouldn’t want a divorce from someone who is having an affair with her & would also be a red – herring as she is shown to be the victim but will turn out to be the antagonist.

Our opening sequence begins with an establishing shot showing a normal area. The setting will be an apartment above a picture shop. This would create a sense of normality and serenity, as there is nothing sinister about a picture shop. The camera will then zoom in to the window using a tilt shot and emerge on the inside of the house to create the effect of the camera going through the window. We then see a close-up of our antagonist inside the house, speaking on the phone.

The opening sequence for the film will be non-linear and start with our abnormally normal antagonist on the phone saying “it’s done”. Enigma codes are also used in this scene as the viewer will wonder who’s on the phone, who their speaking to and what is “done”. We will briefly show the antagonist trashing the house in a panning shot to make the viewer question why he is trashing the house, this would also be an enigma code.

We will have omniscient narrative as we will see what the antagonist is doing and also see the victim wake up. Voiceover narration will be used. Simultaneous action will be used in the montage shots as the antagonist is on the phone, the victims eyes will open.
It will have an open narrative as it will end with the victims eyes open leaving no resolution at the end of this opening and it is left open for the plot to continue.
We will aim our thriller at both males and females because the main characters are male and female. It would be for a predominantly male audience due to the amount of violence and aged around 15-40 due to the situation in the plot with couples, relationship problems and affairs which people in this age group may be able to relate to. This will show the realism in society and the viewer may have been in this situation.
This genre will have no specific target audience when considering class and ethnicity, therefore, this will motivate the viewers to watch this thriller.
The sub genre for this thriller will include crime, romance, and drama, the reason we chose crime is because it include scenes of death, obstruction of justice and it has elements of a thriller.
In this opening sequence we will adapt different camera techniques. The first shot will be an establishing shot showing an apartment. Then move on to a close-up of the antagonist talking on phone using restricted camera shots to hide his identity,then a panning camera movement scanning the room, briefly showing the antagonist throwing a picture frame. A extreme close up showing the crack on the glass and the person in the photo who will be his current wife. A mid shot of the antagonist talking on the phone. A tracking shot of a bedroom door. Then a tracking shot showing the victim on the floor, beside the bed. The camera will track the victims lifeless body until it is an extreme close-up of the victims eyes opening.
The setting will be in an urban city, which is a convention of a thriller. However it will not be isolated. It will be set in the living room and bedroom of a house on Balham high road.
Overall we will mostly use cut and fade in this sequence, the reason for this is we want to show the process of time passing. This will create tension. Then at the end of the thriller we will use a fade transition showing the name of the thriller.
We were originally going to have subtitles. The sub-titles would show during the sequence, we would use an orange colour for the typography because orange connotes nature, the changing leaves of fall, the setting sun, and the skin and meat of citrus fruit. Therefore, it may mean the crimes committed were from natural causes. However we decided to use this typography for the end title that appears and says “One More Kiss”.
Non-diegetic sound is used throughout the sequence, a soundtrack that we need to create ourself. The music will start with a relaxed tone then it will start to change when the antagonist trashes the house, it will turn to a dramatic sound, glass smashing etc, fast paced and when we see the victims eyes we will have a high pitched sound to create tension in the spectators.

We will use non-diegetic sound as the camera zooms into the window.
Voiceovers were considered but depending on the difficulty level of being able to record it, a voiceover may not be used. Throughout the opening there will be a voiceover reading the sub titles that will give a brief outline of where the story is heading which would help with any confusion or questions the viewer may have.
If we choose to not use a voiceover the words will fade in and out allowing the viewer enough time to read it.
The antagonist will dress as a working class male, and then when he starts to trash the house he will put have on gloves and a gauze mask. Due to the restricted camera shots we will not know that this is the antagonist but it will genuinely seem like the house had been broken into.
The reason the antagonist will have a suit on is because we want to show that he is an abnormally normal antagonist to deceive the audience.
The victim will be in pyjamas to show her comfort in her house and it will take place at night time.


A soundtrack will be used.

Voiceover: When we don't get what we want, we work for it

Marcel: It's Done

Voiceover: Other times, we take it

-house is trashed-

Marcel: Oh my gosh, police help, someone broke into my house and trashed everything and my wife, she's not moving. I think she might be dead, please come quick i don't know what to do!

Voiceover: She wont rest until she gets.

-eye opens-

Voiceover: One More Kiss

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Questionnaire & Audience Feedback

Rhianna & Sin U’s Thriller Questionnaire


1.      1.How old are you? (Tick box)

Under 15


15 - 20






Over 40



2.     2.What is your gender? (Tick Box)







3.     3.Which of these thriller genres do you like the most? (Tick boxes that apply)















4.     4.Do you enjoy watching thrillers? (Tick Box)






5.     5.Do you have a job? (Tick Box)






6.     6.What ethnicity are you?



7.     7.What would you expect to see in your idea of a “perfect” thriller?



This questionnaire was posted on an online forum ( by Rhianna and replies were made, collected and posted as a comment on this post.


Our victim will be played by Aleyna. She would fit our role well because she is friends with our antagonist and so they would work together on set and would not feel uncomfortable. Sin U and myself were considering making fake scars to show the vitim had been attacked. The colour red, for blood would show up well on camera against her skin complexion.
She was also willing to give up some of her time for a practice recording and filming. She is friends with everyone who would be working on set and listens well to direction.

Our abnormally normal antagonist will be played by Marcel Croll-Meddar. We chose him because he has the mature look to suit the personality of our character.
This is a standard casting picture of him. It shows that he does not look threatening which also fits our antagonists personality.

This is our abnormally normal antagonist with an angry expression. Our character will show his anget in a series of montage shots shown as a flashback where he is having an argument with his girlfriend/wife and he attacks her. Marcel was a good choice for our antagonist because he would
easily be able to switch into an angry personality and make it look real.

"It's Done" preview

This is a clip of Marcel practicing the first line of dialogue in the opening where he is on the phone to the woman he is having an affair with and he says "it's done". This clip will be altered slightly in terms of positioning of the character and lighting change. A shadow will be used to hide the identity of out antagonist and this will be the first enigma code of the opening as the spectators will wonder what is done, who is speaking and who they are speaking to.

This is a clip of Marcel practicing the frantic police call where he states his house has been broken into and his wife has been injured. Alterations will be made prior to filming such as exact lines as in this preview it shows that Marcel is not sure of his lines and appears to be ad libbing.
This scene will appear after the antagonist trashes the house. This would be another enigma code as the spectators will wonder why he had trashed the house then called the poilce claiming it was a burgular/thief that broke in. He also stated that his wife had been injured, this line may be changed as the storyline says he thinks he killed her. So this line will be changed to fit the story.
During this scene the camera will track the door behind him which would be another enigma code as the spectators would wonder why the door is being tracked. The door would have been thought to have no relevance to the opening but as the door is being tracked montage shots of their argument will appear and the "Dead" wife will be on the floor in this room.

Dead Victim Practice

This is the scene where the "dead wife" is shown on the floor in the bedroom. The camera will track what appears to be her lifeless body and her eye will be highlighted and suddenly opens. It's a Red-herring as the specatotrs were lead to believe she was dead. It's also an open narrative as this leaves the plot open for the story to continue. The title "One More Kiss" will appear after this frame showing the spectators that this woman wants One More Kiss. Even after her boyfriend/husband was abusing her in the montage shots. This would say a lot about this characters personality that she still likes her abbusive boyfriend.

The story would have then gone on to show that she had a unhealthy obsession with her boyfriend and dedicated her life to getting One More Kiss from him. This would be a big red-herring as she is shown to be the victim although throughout the story she is the antagonist and her boyfriend is the victim.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Storyboard / filmed and posted