Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Call sheet2

Thriller: One More Kiss

Crew: Rhianna Crawford and Sin U Chang as Directors
Marcell Croll-Meddar as Male antagonist
Alana as Female character

Shoot: inside living room and the bed room
Date: 12/12/08

Location: Ian's artwork/ Max's house

Contact: 07901827654/ 07767858863 (Ian's Artwork: 020 86750884)

Camera Kit: 4

Taps nos: 2

Props: Fake Blood, Photo Frame, costume, ribena 

Costume: Suite, Pajamas.

Transport: Walking

Weather: Normal around 4.50-8.30

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Filming Schedule

  • Date: 24/11/08
  • Time: period 3,4
  • Activity: Planning Location Recce
  • Notes: filing in all the paper work
  • Date: 25/11/08
  • Time: period 2,4 and after school
  • Activity: Storyboard, Casting
  • Notes: finish the annotation next to the storyboard e.g. camera shot, lighting etc
  • Date: 26/11/08
  • Time: after school
  • Activity: Props
  • Notes: went to buy a photo frame
  • Date: 27/11/08
  • Time: after school
  • Activity: editing storyboard
  • Notes: editing storyboard
  • Date: 28/11/08
  • Time: period 2,3,4
  • Activity: Props
  • Notes: Get ingredient to make Fade blood.
  • Date: 01/12/08
  • Time: break-time, After school
  • Activity: editing Storyboard
  • Notes: add soundtrack and narrater in the storyboard
  • Date: 02/12/08
  • Time: lunch-time,After school
  • Activity: Recce and Production Log
  • Notes: to complete and put in our blog
  • Date: 03/12/08
  • Time: period 4
  • Activity: finding company logo for the opening for the thriler
    Notes: we chosen new line cinema for the opening.
  • Date: 05/12/08
  • Time: after school
  • Activity: filming our thriller
  • Note: finish all the filming on that date!
  • Date: 08/12/08
  • Time: period 5
  • Activity: editing
  • Note: edit our thriller and add soundtrack.
  • Date: 12/12/08
  • Time: 04.50pm- 08.30pm
  • Activity: Re film
  • Note: finish all the bit we need to re-film
  • Date: 15/12/08
  • Time: period 5 and after school
  • Activity: editing
  • Note: to complete the editing
  • Date: 16/12/08
  • Time: period 2 & 5
  • Activity: editing blooper/ editing thriller 
  • Note: complete editing
  • Date: 17/12/08
  • Time: period 4
  • Activity: improve group blog
  • Note: upload the latest information 
  • Date: 05/01/09
  • Time: period 5
  • Activity:  going through second draft with Ms Berry
  • Note: to improve the film
  • Date: 06/01/09
  • Time: period 2 & 5
  • Activity: editing, try to cut down to meet the time limit 
  • Note: improve title, fade etc.
  • Date: 07/01/09
  • Time: Period 4
  • Activity: editing and composing more music
  • Note: make it relate to the film.
  • Date: 12/01/09
  • Time: period 5 & after school
  • Activity: making trashing fir the film
  • Note: make it real.
  • Date:13/01/09
  • Time: period 2&5
  • Activity: editing the trash sound in to it
  • Note: teacher said the trashing sound, sound fake, so we trying to make it sound real.
  • Date:14/01/09
  • Time: Period 4
  • Activity: editing sound and cutting bits out
  • Note: changed title .
  • Date: 16/01/09
  • Time: Period 1
  • Activity: final check for editing, sound and export to quicktime
  • Note: check is there anything need to changed.

Call Sheet

Thriller: One More Kiss

Crew: Rhianna Crawford and Sin U Chang as Directors
Marcell Croll-Meddar as Male antagonist
Alana as Female character

Shoot: inside living room and the bed room
Date: 05/12/08

Location: Ian's artwork/ Max's house

Contact: 07901827654/ 07767858863 (Ian's Artwork: 020 86750884)

Camera Kit: 1

Taps nos: 1

Props: Fake Blood, Photo Frame, Phone, costume.

Costume: Pajamas

Transport: Walking

Weather: Cold around 4.20-6.50

Location Recce

This is the establishing shot of our location. It is an ordinary picture shop on Balham high road and it creates a sense of normality which is needed for our film as it is supposed to be set in a central urban area.

This is the living room where the house trashing scene will take place. The room needs to look natural to create a further sense of normality so furniture will not be moved.

This is the door that will be tracked as our abnormally normal antagonist is making his frantic police call after trashing the house. This door leads to the bedroom where the female character will be on the floor lifeless.

This is on of he bedroom ideas where the female character will be shown on the floor lifeless and then wake up in the last frame. This is the first choice for this scene although due to the rooms size if any difficulties occur a back up room is available to use. The room will not be changed, furniture will not be moved to create a sense of normality.

This is where the female characters lifeless body will be laid, alongside the bed. There is enough room for the character to lie comfortably, position herself to look dead whilst leaving the scars and bruises on show.

This is the back-up room for the "lifeless body" scene. This room is bigger allowing easier maneuverability with camera equipment and more choice for camera angles. However if it is filmed in this room framing a shot may be complicated due to posters and damaged walls and wallpapering.

Location Name: Ian's Artwork/ Max's house

Balham High road
Ian's Artworks
81 Balham High Road
SW12 9AP

Date Visited: 2nd of December

Why/ how location could be used: All the crimes and actions will happen in different individual location in this one building. Rather that a school or altered location we are going to be filming in a real house to maintain realism.

Sound considerations: There is a main road directly outside the house so that had been taken into consideration but the noise from the traffic cannot be heard from inside the house.

Lighting considerations: Stylised can be used by using lamps and covering them with coloured paper if necessary and Natural lighting of the establishing long shot outside Ian's artwork. Shadows will be needed during the "it's done" scene.

Access to electricity: Yes

Permission needed: Yes, from Max as his room is going to be used and his mum as she owns the shop that we needed to film for the establishing shot. We have permission from both these sources to film


The picture frame will be used as the prop that is thrown by our abnormally normal antagonist as he is trashing the house. A picture of the couple will be placed in the frame and a crack will appear over the female characters face after it is thrown. 

This is a picture of our couple, Alana and Marcel at the peak of their relationship. Both characters are happy together in this picture. This will be the picture that is placed in the frame and the crack will be over the female characters face. Their picture will be broken connoting a broken relationship. 

This is the fake blood that will be used as make-up for the female character after she is abused by her boyfriend. She will be on the floor alongside the bed looking lifeless. If fake scars are used the blood will be used over it for realism and to connote a fresh injury. Otherwise the blood will randomly be placed on her to show the fresh injury.
The making of the blood is shown below.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Digital Storyboard

This is our digital storyboard. It was recorded and edited to looks somewhat like out actual film opening will be like. W used voiceovers and they were recorded on the mac computers we were working on. W e used Jeavean Miller as the narrative voiceover and Marcell Croll-Meddar to say "It's done" and he was also saying the frantic police call. 
This was the first time they had gone through the complete script and this is going to be as it is said in the film with the exception of "oh my God" which will be replaced by "oh my gosh" due to religious complaints and people feeling uncomfortable hearing and saying it.
The soundtrack was created on garageband and was recorded under the voices. The soundtrack originally was shorter than the digital storyboard so it was edited with crossover fade transitions to sound like one sound.
The voices were also cut and placed in their correct places. It was recorded multiple times however our narrator Javon was unable to continue recording as he hadn't been given notice so his pre-recorded voice was edited to sound as though he was saying it as the appropriate frames came up.